Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A bigger impact than I knew

Playing at the library
So every morning when our oldest gets up she runs into my studio (which is right across the hall from her room). I tell her good morning, kiss her head, give her a hug, and ask her how she slept and about her dreams. It is kind of a habit now, but it still means a lot to me. This morning I went out to get a cup of coffee and as I was walking back to my studio, I heard her in her room making some noise (she was just waking up). I stood outside of her door and heard her telling all of her stuffed animals and baby dolls good morning, and "did you sleep well?"

I'll be honest, I covered my mouth and cried. I wasn't sad. I was elated. It made me realize the impact that I have on her life. Something as simple as a hug good morning and a caring question has stuck with her. That was a parenting win in my book. It made me think about how much of the things that I do that she replicates or that has a lasting impact.

Just last night she claimed a corner of our living room as her "Sewing Studio." When her daddy got home last night she showed him all of her shelves of fabric, her sewing table, and her cutting table. Of course everything was invisible, but her imagination was spot on.

Homeschooling is going amazing. My girls love it was more than I anticipated. I was expecting to only work with them 2-3 days a week for an hour or two. But our oldest asks me everyday to "Do Homeschool." It is refreshing and exciting to see her learning skills like cutting and pasting. She is becoming an amazing little artist, and of course they both LOVE playing with the play-doh.

Wednesday we start AWANA at our church. The little one will be a puggle (2-3 year old group) and the oldest will be a Cubbie (pre-school aged group). I am really excited to see how the year is going to go.

This is their homeschool space in my studio.

Church this past Sunday.

After Church on Sunday. Our little one wanted to help me sew.
It is really amazing how God works on our hearts and picks us up a bit when we need it.

Now it is off to the fabric store, post office, and the grocery store! Have a blessed day <3

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