Monday, April 11, 2016

Our first Garden

We planted our garden at the beginning of March, but it has been so crazy around here that I am just getting around to another update.
 I started out with a relatively small garden since I am a total newbie. The spot I picked was about 12 x 15 or so. I was going to plant just a few plants each.

Well we used a disc pulled behind an ATV and the garden area turned out to be MUCH larger. More places to plant right?

My Sis-in-law came over with her ATV and hooked up the disc. She went round and round for about 2 hours, but alas... the ground was broke up and I had sand instead of grass.
 As she was going round and round, I was following behind her and grabbing the small rocks that worked their way to the surface. However, the deeper we got, the larger the rocks. Here are a few that I had to dig out with a shovel. There are some even larger ones about a foot below the surface that I couldn't dig out this season.

Being in Florida, we have a ton (literally) of limerocks that surface. They are beautiful rocks, but a bit of a pain when building fences and tilling a garden.
 Here it is in all of it's sandy glory. LOTS of sandy soil, but we will make it work.

I am doing some research on doing a "back-to-eden" garden next season. I will update on that later though.
 My girls like to play in the sand while I was raking rows.

This is my first garden ever, so there is quite a learning curve for me.

Here are some more pictures of our garden and my girls:

Stay tuned for more updates.

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