Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Waiting is the Game

 So our House has been delivered and set, and we have a septic tank. What is next? Basically we wait. We wait for the well. We wait for inspectors. We wait for steps and siding and more inspectors and finally after a month of waiting we get to schedule our power to be turned on. In the mean time we had to build a driveway fence. 
She is such a big helper
 So we finally had a driveway and a yard.

Once the house is set and delivered, there is a list of things that needed to be done. It is all consecutive, so there is no skipping steps.

A week after the house was delivered and set up, the siding crew came and installed the siding. This is on the ends of the house, and they completed the roof seams.

We also had the underground wire crew scheduled to come bury our electrical wire from our power pole to our house.

Well Crew
Once all that was finished, our well guy was coming. However, this is the frustrating part. You have to remember that you are NOT the only job that the crews are working on. We learned this the hard way. We were about a week ahead of schedule when the well guys had to cancel three days in a row because the job before ours was taking longer than expected.

But alas, our well got dug. Exactly two weeks after our house was set the well guys showed up and dug the well in a matter of a couple of hours.

Plumbing and Electric
That day our plumbing crew showed up as well. They are the ones that crawled under our house and hooked up all the pipes.

The plumbing has to be finished before the electric and A/C guys can come and do their job. So the following day that crew showed up and ran our electric wires and our A/C ducts. They also installed our A/C and connected our electric to the panel box on the end of our house.

Wooh! One more step done!

After all that we have to wait for our steps to be delivered and set. Two days later the steps came down our driveway at 7:30 PM! I have no clue how they did it, but they set up three sets of steps in the dark.

Inspections and Failures
Then comes a series of inspections. In the State of Florida, we have to have an environmental health inspector come out and pass our well and septic. Well as luck has it, it failed.

The septic failed the inspection because in inspector came out before the house was hooked up and the tank re-covered. 

The next day that problem was solved and we were rolling again... however it was Christmas week. So we actually couldn't start rolling until the following week.

Skirting and Final Inspection
All that we were waiting for now was the skirting for our house and a final inspection. Our county has strict policies for what is required for mobile homes so we have to play by the rules.

I call on December 28th (Monday Morning) to find out about the skirting. Nothing. No information whatsoever.

I have to call again the next day and still NOTHING. Like no one knows anything. No one can get a hold of the skirting company, nothing.

I was getting kind of frustrated. Our first mortgage payment was due on January 1st, and we were no where close to moving in. After a long headache (and a call to the financing company), I finally learned that the skirting was supposed to be ordered a week before Christmas and it wasn't. I was so defeated. I just cried. I know that sounds so petty, but I had my hopes up that the first week of January we were going to get to move into our new house, and in one phone call, I knew that wasn't gonna be the case any more.

So I pulled my big girl boots on and made the best of it. We started moving some of our larger furniture into the house while we waited for the skirting and final inspection. I also closed up my sewing business in December and had that mostly moved into my studio.

Finally, on January 7th, the skirting crew showed up. I may or may not of cried a happy cry.They worked for two days skirting our house. The following Monday we had our final inspection. YAY!!!

Final Step! 
Our house passed inspection, so I called the county to get our Certificate of Occupancy sent to our electric company to get our power turned on.... and guess what! Do you remember that septic issue a few weeks ago? Well it still wasn't cleared at the county. SO we now have a house that has passed all inspections, but we can't get power because paper work from the septic company was never sent in.

 SECO Electric
AGHHH!!! But alas... after a series of phone calls, it gets fixed the next day. I call SECO (our power company) and schedule beg and plead for our service to be turned on. They informed me it would be 2-4 Business days. *Insert crying again* That night at 7:30 PM in the dark, there was two trucks pulling down our driveway to our new house. My husband and I jumped in the truck (my mom-in-love was watching the girls) and go see what is going on. SECO had sent a crew that night to turn our power on. 

I honestly can't say enough good things about them. I was so incredibly happy.

So we have a house and can move in, but my hubby is back to work at this point (He is a school teacher and winter break ended this week)

A few days of moving boxes and small furniture with a 1 and 2 year old was enough for me.

MOVE in Day
That weekend we could finally move into our new home. On January 16th (Saturday) a month and a half after our house was delivered we got to move in.  It was an exhausting weekend. Moving with a one year old and a two and a half year old proved much more difficult then when we moved with a 6 month old and a 1.5 year old.

But we are in now and it is amazing. The whole process took us 5 months from "order day" to move in day, but we are so incredibly grateful for my husbands mom and dad for letting us stay with them for the duration.

This was before the skirting was put on.

Here is my view from my sewing studio in the mornings

This is now our garden.

So here are some of the logistics of our home buying process:
  • It took 5 months from signing the order papers to move in day
  • A month and a half we got to look at our house but not move in.
  •  Took us 2 hours to order our house including picking all the colors.
  • We put just under 10% down payment for JUST the house and utilities. (Our property is not included in the financing any way)
  • We added the "utilities" into our financing package. 
  • We looked at an estimated 40 floor plans/companies before we choose ours. 
If you have any questions at all about the process of home buying, I will be happy to help you if I can. The best way to contact me is through email, or Facebook messenger.

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