Monday, March 14, 2016

Set and Septic

 So the house was delivered yesterday (11.30.15). Today (12.01.15) is the day that it gets set. Basically this means that it is getting anchored to the ground and the "center line" is being finished. As soon as the set-up crew is finished, I had to call our financing company to do an over the phone interview. This is to verify that the mobile home company delivered the correct house and that it is strapped down.

I'll admit, I spent a lot of time standing in our front yard admiring our house that first day. It was such a blessing. We were finally about to get our brand new home.

The same day that the set-up crew came, this large truck came down our driveway. It was a few days ahead of schedule, but we have a septic tank! Oh did I mention that it is my birthday? So I literally got a septic tank for my birthday.

Happy BDAY to me! I got a septic tank
 We had already figured out where we wanted our septic tank and well. (They have to be a certain distance apart, and you don't really want your well down stream from your septic)

The crew started digging. About a month before closing the permit company came out and testing our septic location. It was determined that we needed a mound septic system. A mound system is when the septic tank is partially above ground, but it is covered with dirt. This can be caused by several things.

Our septic tank.
The set up crew worked almost all day getting our house anchored down and the centerline finished.

That night we got to walk through our new house.

We also were handed over our keys. I can't explain the feeling we had when we crawled into the house for the 1st time to check it out. Oh right... there wasn't stairs that the time, and the house sits about 3.5-4 feet off the ground. I literally had to CRAWL through the door.
Drain field

Septic Tank in the ground (And Bella, our dog)

Our Keys!

Want to see some interior pictures?

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