Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Home Process

So we are finally moved in and settled into our new home. It was quite a process to go through, having to pick out our house and buy it and then wait for it to be ready.

Unlike a site built home, our house is a mobile home and is built of property. It was a process that took about 5 months total and a lot of patience. During this time we lived with my husband's mom and dad with our two girls, a dog, and two cats. It was a huge adjustment and at times it was hard, but we made it and now have a beautiful home to raise our girls in.

Our property is situated on a family parcel that has been in the family for many years. My in-loves live across the pasture (literally a holler away) which is really nice. We have 2 acres that was given to my husband from his Great-Grandma that we put our mobile home on. It is just enough space to have a small farm and raise our kids around family.

We started off picking out our home that we wanted, then putting a down payment. Almost 3 months later we "closed" on our house and was ready for delivery. First came 12 loads of fill dirt, then our house. Next was our septic and well, then Plumbing and electrical guys, finally steps and skirting and inspections. It was a crazy time. 

I wrote a series of blog posts describing the events of getting our mobile home. Here are the quick links:
Starting our Homestead
Getting the Dirt and Power
Here Comes our House literally
House set and Septic
Interior Pictures of our new Home
The last steps before move in 

We bought our home from Southern Comfort Mobile Homes in Ocala, FL (Ask for Daphne Crozier). It is a Townhome, LLC Model 2875

It was a whirlwind process but God provided us with a beautiful home and some how we found the patience to wait for our home.

If you have any questions, please message me on Facebook.

Here are a ton of pictures of the process:
1st load of dirt

Power poles
Power Pole

Here is comes!
Making the turn down our driveway
Making the Dirt Pad
Here comes the 2nd half

Pulling the house on the pad

Our driveway view

Before skirting and steps.

Here is our septic tank

Septic Drainfield

Tank in the ground

This is now our garden

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