Monday, March 14, 2016

Dirt and power

Our 1st load of dirt
 So it has been quite a while since I posted an update to the blog on our new homestead and the progress that we made. We are now officially in our new house and have started a garden and just recently purchased some hens to add to our property.

We left off at removing a tree from our home site. Since then we have had to remove part of our fence to create a driveway. We needed 12 loads of dirt brought in to level our home site.

 Load after load they came. It took them a total of 4 days to bring all of our dirt.

 Meanwhile, Seco Energy came to begin installing our power poles. We needed 3 power poles and over 400 feet of electric wire ran to our property.
Bringing in the poles

Digging and setting the first pole

2nd pole being dug

2nd pole being lifted into the hole
We now officially have dirt and power to our homestead. Next comes our house!
Playing in the dirt mounds

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