Sunday, December 13, 2015

Start of our Homestead

Start of our homestead
As some may know, we are in the process of becoming homeowners again. We sold our house in a neighborhood last May (2015) to put a house on some property that was granted to us from my Hubby's Great-Grandma. It has been a crazy road to get here, but we have arrived.

We decided that we were going to get a mobile home since we couldn't afford to build a house in CASH. We absolutely didn't want to put the land up for collateral since it has been in the family for many many years. We searched and searched for a mobile home that fit our budget and that we liked. After several weeks and many visited to various mobile home dealers, we finally found one that we wanted.

We get financing and went in to pick out our colors and flooring. Then came the hard part. We had to wait... and wait... and wait. We had to wait about 2.5 months before the house was completed. Then came the fun and exhausting part... getting out property ready for our house.

First up was tree service. We had to remove one tree entirely to make room for our house. There was one oak tree in the middle of a clearing that we chose for out house. It was literally right in the middle. So we called a local tree service to have them come pull the tree up and trim some of the other trees that will be around our house.

It was the coolest thing when they were pulling the tree up. Sad in a way, because we had to fell a tree for no other reason then our house needed to be there. But rest assured, the wood will not waste. We will use it for fire wood, and maybe even some crafts in the coming months.

Here are some pictures along the way:

There is the lone tree.
They were digging the roots up
Pushing the tree over
Pushing it the rest of the way over.
I will be honest, this was such an exciting event for me. It was literally marking the start of our homestead.

I would like to say thanks to:

Southern Comfort Mobile Home Center of Ocala, FL specifically, Daphne. *Their website is much simpler than some of the other companies, but their homes are build great, and their customer service is remarkable.*

and Lee's Tree Service in Sumter County Fl. Lee was great to work with and did a beautiful job on our trees.

*These are my honest opinions of these companies. I was NOT compensated for my honest opinion.*

 Stay tuned for the next posting of our process on our homestead. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or visit my Facebook page.


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