Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Nursing Tank Top

So as a new mom-to-be, I am always looking for ways to save money and of course I love a good DIY project. Thanks to Pinterest…. I have a list of things that I want to make before baby girl gets here.

One thing that I really wanted to make instead of buying was nursing tank tops. When I was shopping around, I found some really cute nursing tank tops, but get this… the cheapest one I could find was $25!!! I think that is crazy! I mean I will wear them every day, so I would need at least 4, maybe more than that… and 4x$25= $100! So I did a little research, and did a little shopping this is what I came up with.

I purchased tank tops from my local Wal-mart. They were $4.88 a piece (and they are long enough to cover my pregnant belly!!) I also needed to purchase hook and eyelets (these are the little hooks that are on bras. Then of course I needed a needle, thread and scissors. I guestimate each tank top cost me about $5 to make.
So here we go:

First I started with my tank top. I honestly picked them based on the price… but you definitely want to choose a top with adjustable straps, and one that is long enough to cover your tummy.
image (2)
The next step is to cut the straps. I cut the strap just above the lace on the front of the tank top.
You want to cut the strap close to the design or the hem.
Note** if the material that you are using frays really easy, you may want to melt the ends, use fray check, or run a stitch across the strap to help keep it from fraying.

image (1)
This is a close up of the eyelet after being sewn to the tank top. Use the needle and thread to secure the eyelet to the material of the tank.
If you are using a tank top that has lace across the top, you must attach the eyelets to a sturdy material, either the actual tank, or the rest of the strap if it is long enough.
NOTE** you want to sew the eyelet on the tank top itself. The Hooks will be sewn to the strap.

I sewed the eye on the inside of the tank, leaving about a centimeter from the top of the tank.
image (3)This is a picture from the inside of the tank top. After sewing the hook and eyes on the strap and tank top they should over lap and lay flat when you wear it.

image (4)
This picture is from the front of the tank top on the outside. The hook and eyes are hooked together. The little bit of black that you see is the black painted hook that I sewed on the strap. To avoid this, you can purchase silver hook and eyes. I didn’t mind the color difference so I just used what I had at home.

Another thing to think about when making these tanks:
The straps need to be adjustable in order to keep them tight enough to keep the hook and eyes hooked.
Another nice thing about them is that after you are done nursing, if you have access to a sewing machine, you can stitch the strap back to the tank top and wear is normal… Actually you could probably keep wearing them as a nursing tank top as well.
I made four tank tops, and I may make more. They are nice because 1. they are really cheap, but 2. when you breast feed, using a tank top keeps your tummy covered while your baby eats.

I hope I saved somebody some $$$. Let me know if you make a nursing tank top yourself!

Update: These are great nursing tank tops for sleeping or around the house.
I added a piece of ribbon to the strap about 4-5" from the top of the tank top. I sewed the ribbon to the strap and to the side of the tank top about 2-3" from where the strap attach to the top. This prevents the strap from falling off your shoulder to the back,

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