Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tutorial: How to hoop and embroider an Easter Basket

'Tis the season of the Easter Buckets to be embroidered. This is the first year that I have decided to embark on the journey of embroidered easter baskets. They are really cute, and what kid (or adult) doesn't want their monogram or name on their stuff? This is a bit challenging for a newbie embroiderer for the first time. Here's a quick tutorial on how to embroider these baskets as painless as possible. **I have a Brother PE-770 Machine. 

Are you ready? First you will need to design your project. I use SewWhatPro as my embroidery software. I add a basting stitch so I have piece of mind while my project is stitching out. 

Find the Center of the bucket.
Find the center of the bucket. I use the hoop guides to mark my center point. I fold the bucket in half and make a mark at the top seam. Then align the Top and middle lines of the guide with the mark I made. Next I put a dot in the center hole of my guide. This is where I will align my machine too in a few minutes. 
Hoop heavy weight tearway. 
This is a project that will be floated. I hooped a piece of heavyweight tearaway stabilizer. Turn Easter Bucket inside out. Then using basting spray I attached another piece to the **Inside Liner** of my Easter bucket. This is the liner side that is satiny. 
Align the top of your bucket with the top of your hoop. 
I use spray adhesive again to attach the bucket to the hooped stabilizer. Align the top of your bucket with the top of the hoop. On the PE770, this is the side WITHOUT the bracket. Please note, the bucket is not on the stabilizer very sturdy. It will feel like it is peeling off, and it may actually peel off before you begin stitching. This is why I recommend a basting stitch. 
VERY carefully attach your hoop to your machine so it looks like so^^. This is a project that you will want to baby sit the whole time. 
How to still use your thread in your coffee mug ;-) 
So, I use put my thread in a coffee mug on the side of my machine so it doesn't shred. Well... if you close the lid of your machine you can't do that any more. So if you use the medium or large spool holder under your lid, you can still use your mug. :-) 

Align your machine to the middle dot you made earlier. 
The dot that we put in the middle earlier will now be handy. Use your layout view on your machine to move your needle to the middle dot that you made. 

When mmy basting stitch is stitching out, I hold my bucket gently and guide it around the neck of my machine. If not, the bucket will be pulled off the stabilizer. If you don't use a basting stitch, then I would just hold the bucket until the machine is finished stitching out the base to each letter.
Once the basting stitch is done and I press go again for the monogram, I just keep my eye on it to make sure everything is going well. 

  • Make sure your needle is threaded, and the thread is pulled under the presser foot BEFORE putting the hoop on your machine. It is kind of difficult to do these things when there is a bucket in the way. 
Let me know if this helps. 

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