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Addilyn's Birth Story

This is Addilyn's story: (be prepared it is a long one)

First I will show you a picture of this precious gift of God:IMG_0396

Wednesday 5/8/2013:
So, 6AM Wednesday morning (her due date) we headed to labor and delivery to start the induction. Once we got to the hospital and got admitted I got hooked up to the IV and started fluids and started the waiting game for my Dr. to show up. He arrived around 8 AM to start my medication to start the contractions.

At 6 PM my Dr. came in and checked me. I was only 1 CM and about 50% effaced. He was going to let me labor through the night and then break my water in the morning. That night my contractions were getting the best of me. After a few more hours of contractions and pain, I wanted another shower. My nurse checked me and I was at 2 cm and about 70% effaced. She allowed me to take another hot shower around mid-night. These showers helped me get through the night for sure! I didn't sleep much that night but I could at least relax in between my contractions which were now about every 2 minutes. Nurse change occurred at 2 AM. Over the course of the night I took two more showers and got through those long hours. 

Thursday, May 9th, 2013: 
At 7:30 AM my Dr. came in and checked me. I was at 3 CM and still about 70% effaced. He decided to break my water and get things going again. Breaking my water was a totally new experience! It was gross and weird and strange all at the same time. It didn't hurt at all, but it felt so GROSS! After he broke my water we learned that she had meconium in her fluid. This is the babies first poop basically. It is a normal occurrence for babies that are full term or close to it. There are precautions that they have to take to ensure that health of the baby though. Because the baby could potentially breath the thick meconium in during labor they started me on a flush. This is basically the same fluid as an IV, however it is inserted around the baby to help flush the meconium out and prevent her from getting it in her lungs. While they did this they also inserted monitors to track her heart rate and my contraction strength. So there I laid again for another few hours. After my water was broke my natural labor really kicked in and I was really struggling through the contractions. Around noon I was checked again and I was about 5 CM on the verge of a 6. My cervix was effaced except for a small area on the front, and our baby was low. She was low enough that the fluid that was supposed to be draining from the flush was not draining. The nurses had to manually drain the fluid to release the build up. 

We started experimenting with different positions with me laying in the bed to get baby engaged further down and speed up dilation. At 2 PM I was checked again and was between an 8 and 9 CM! This was pretty exciting to me and it gave me a little extra energy to continue through the painful contractions.  At 4PM they checked me again and still no change. I started to get discouraged and the pain from the contractions was getting the best of me. I looked at my husband and told him that I couldn't do it any more. I needed medicine.

The anesthesiologist came into the room in case I chose the epidural. Originally I didn't want an epidural at all. I went into labor with the plan of maybe using an IV med or a pill, but not an epidural. Well after 32 hours of labor the thought of having all of the pain disappear sounded wonderful! 
My husband and mom had to leave the room for the procedure. I was walked through the process first then was prepped. I will hold off on the actual steps of getting an epidural for the weak at heart, but let me say that epidural was the best choice I had made! It didn't make my legs numb like I thought, instead they just became very heavy. I could still move my toes and my feet around, but my legs were really heavy. The epidural took all of the pain from the contractions away. I could still feel the tightening of my belly, but the actual pain was gone. Once the epidural took effect they upped the Pitocin to try and get my contractions stronger. 

After a few hours my Dr. came back to check me. Unfortunately I was still at 9 CMs and no more progression. At this point my Dr. gave me a choice to make. We could up the Pitocin even more and hope that my body will progress further and not stress out the baby, or we could do a C-section and reduce the risk of an emergency later. After a minute of discussion with my husband we agreed to go with the C-section. Even though the baby seemed to be handing the labor and contractions “Okay” we didn't want to take the chance of beginning the high dose of Pitocin and stressing her out then needing an Emergency C-section. 

My Dr. had to go do another C-section then it was our turn. At about 8 PM they were prepping us for our delivery of baby. 

My C-Section
I already had a spinal tap in place, so when we gave in an decided to do a c-section, Scott, my anesthesiologist, changed the medication so I went completely numb from about my rib cage down. My Dr. did a couple of tests to make sure I couldn't feel anything. 

They placed a warm blanket over my upper body to keep me warm. I am not sure if I was cold or just anxious, but I couldn't stop shaking. I remember asking the anesthesiologist if he had to strap my arms down. I guess I watched too many OR shows that depicts all the operating rooms with the patients arms being strapped to the table. He assured me that as long as I didn't reach around the sheet and grab the Dr. he wouldn't strap me down. 

During the operation, my husband say on my right side right by my head. The anesthesiologist sat on my left monitoring my BP and other vitals. He would occasionally ask me questions to make sure I was okay during the procedure. On one occasion I vomited. The stress and shock on my body caused the non-existent stomach contents to exit my body. 

Welcome Earth-Side Little One
At 8:44 PM little Addilyn Grace was brought into this world. They did her APGAR testing and she scored a 9/9 on the one minute and a 9/9 on the five minute test. They brought her around the curtain and let me see her beautiful face. We locked eyes for a second and there was instant attachment. She left my side with my husband and the Pediatrician to get testing done and to get cleaned up. I finished with my procedure and was moved to recovery. 

I don’t remember much from that night due to the Dr. giving me medicine for the pain and to help me sleep. I didn't get to breast feed the first night because of the medicine in my system. I remember briefly being wheeled to recovery and asking my nurse if everything went good. She said “yes” and told me to try to sleep. Well that was all she wrote. I was out like a light.

The rest of my hospital stay was dull. I had to wait and pass gas to eat real food which took three days!!! I was on a full liquid diet until Saturday night. The nurses helped me breastfeed, which went really well. Addilyn is a great breast feeding baby she had no problem with her latch and she likes to eat.  

Overall, my labor and delivery was a long painful process, but I am proud that I lasted 32 out of 36 hours before caving to a pain management procedure. 

Hind-sight is 20/20 they say. Looking back I would have changed several things about my birth experience, but wouldn't we all change something about the past. I am no longer upset about my birth experience, but I have taken it in stride an educated myself. I will write more posts on my c-section and what I have learned soon. 

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