Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The start of a new school year

So this is the year that I begin my homeschooling journey. I’ll be honest, I am nervous and totally unprepared. I have NO CLUE what to expect. Our plan is to homeschool our girls the first year of preschool. My three year old is an eager learner, but stubborn as a mule. I am excited for the challenge, but also a bit concern for time management. I will have to figure out a schedule that fits in homeschool, my sewing and vinyl business, my own college courses, plus on top of all that… a homemaker and wife.
My goal is to focus on school and chores in the mornings. This allows us plenty of time to learn outside before the afternoon rains, as well as gives me the afternoons for working.
I have a curriculum map made up… kind of… LOL. It is mostly just a tentative schedule of what I want to teach/go over each week. I have planned our homeschool year around my husband’s school year.  Which means when the public school here is out, we are out.
Of course I can't leave our 2 year old out. She is getting "schooled" too. She will hopefully want to participate in the activities that we do together and can learn right along side of her big sister.
My plan is to update the blog once a week. That is an attainable goal I think. I'm not sure which day I will be posting, but probably a weekly wrap up at the end of the week.
Today is actually our first day of class, and last night we were up most of the night... so to start the school year off, my kids are getting to sleep in. I will post this evening with the "first day of school" post. 
Until then...
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