Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Day of Homeschool

Here they are! Getting too Big! <3
Wow! Today went much better than I had thought. I know I am probably shooting myself in the foot for saying this out loud (Typing?), but everything went so smooth today. Well from about 6AM on. Both girls were up at 1 AM this morning coughing. Addie ended up getting sick from coughing so much and of course her screaming for me across the house woke up Layla. While I cleaned Addie's Bed, I put both of the girls in the warm bath and told them to be nice. (They actually were!) 

We ended up back in bed at 2:30AM! I was up at 6 with my hubby to get his lunch ready and send him off to his first day back with kids at his school. 

We started our day at 8AM. I got the girls up and we made strawberry pancakes. After breakfast we took our "First day Pictures":

Favorite Color: Blue, Wants to be a Fire Fighter when she grows up
After Breakfast and pictures, we settled down at the dining room table. I gave the girls their personalized pencil bags first and let them dig through them while we read our bible verse and prayed.
Once we prayed, I passed out some construction paper and we made Apples. This was so much fun for the girls. I gave them green construction paper with an apple drawn on it. I then put glue in small dots inside of the apple. Both girls were given red paper squares to glue down: 

We went out and did chores and played for a bit, then after lunch we painted some while I cleaned the house. 

Over all, the day was amazing! I am beat, and the kiddos are in bed. Tomorrow we are going to a story time if everyone feels okay. I will write more soon, but for now I am going to watch a replay of the 2016 Olympic Show Jumping (Equestrian). 

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